About Us

Inseed.Expert is a platform that brings together the best service providers in the industry providing various types of services to the community in the cryptocurrency and derivatives industry in particular.

We are a business group with a clear goal and a defined vision of action. We are a community that achieves financial independence by using the potential of the cryptocurrency market and traditional Forex markets.

The company was founded in December 2021. Since then it has been very popular among the community, we have already gathered more than 3,000 users! This is our great success, despite the short time of operation!

The company currently employs 18 people, who are fully engaged in the development of the establishment and dozens of business supporters in marketing and sales.

We will help you feel conscious, responsible and strong in this world – able to earn money forever! Even when global crises lead to a global recession.

Business Owner. Member of the company’s Board of Directors.

He is a person with many years of experience in trading the markets, having had many successes as well as failures, making him a man who can bring a lot of value to education as well as technical market analysis.

Shareholder and member of the company’s Board of Directors.

The face of the organization. Responsible for marketing and sales activities. Originator of many projects and solutions.