Inside Gems (Manual payment)


Inside Gems
Information from the cryptocurrency market directly from investment funds.

  • Market news – knowledge from the world of cryptocurrencies in a nutshell, opinions of trading practitioners on how such information can be used and how to read between the lines.
  • Signals – information about what we are currently playing, weekly summary of positions. We rely mainly on the LowCap environment – that is, still-low capitalization, early-stage coins.
  • Inside news & OTC – inside information from an insider, who is a person working inside the market and access to investments in top projects at the earliest stages and before the rest of the market.
  • Chat – discussions about the crypto market but not only – we mainly build our community here.

With contacts in investment funds and directly in project teams, we provide information you won’t find anywhere else. We suggest how to use them to be successful in the crypto market. Additionally we have an opportunity to buy the best projects before their tokens are available on the market. We usually buy assets at a price several times lower than the market price (that is, the price of the project when it appears on the exchanges).
Such information is not published in any social media. Only the biggest players in the market have access to them, which allows them to maintain a strong position. We try to tap into the whales’ movements

Basic subscription time is 34 days.

– After purchasing access, you receive a step-by-step guide from us so that you can start using the product even if you are dealing with something like this for the first time. Among others it includes instructions on how to set up the right wallet, how to secure it, what tools we use, what each group is for and where you can ask questions if necessary. You will also get access to the Knowledge Base, thanks to which you will find your way around even easier. –

Payment form: Manual payment (Card/Crypto)